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    Balance AI Innovation & Governance in Financial Services with Domino on AWS.

    Enterprise MLOps in the Cloud

    Work faster, deploy results sooner, scale rapidly, and reduce regulatory and operational risk

    Domino provides a central system of record for data science activity across an organization. Domino orchestrates all data science artifacts, including AWS infrastructure, data, and services.

    Code-first data science teams benefit from a flexible, collaborative, and reproducible research environment, with self-service access to powerful AWS infrastructure within the governance of IT.

    Unleash Data Science in the Cloud

    Enterprise MLOps on AWS

    Domino’s Enterprise MLOps Platform runs on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). Domino is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, with both ML and Financial Services competencies.

    Self-serve Infrastructure

    Remove common DevOps barriers for data scientists with pre-built data connectors supporting Amazon S3, Redshift, EMR, and others. Self-serve access to Amazon EC2 machines (including GPUs and powerful servers).

    Deploy Models Anywhere

    Deploy Domino models in Amazon SageMaker for scalability and low-latency hosting from AWS. Deploy SageMaker models in Domino to monitor model performance across tools and teams.

    Built for Data Science Teams

    Provide project management and collaboration across data science teams while supporting the tools (Jupyter, R, SAS, MATLAB), packages, and compute frameworks (Spark, Ray, Dask, MPI) of choice. Compound knowledge instead of reinventing the wheel.


    Demonstrated Expertise for ML Solutions on AWS

    Domino Data Lab is a founding member of the AWS Machine Learning Competency Partners,  validated since 2017. AWS has identified Domino as one of the key innovators in helping organizations extract real value from their data scientist investments. 

    Domino Data Lab is also an AWS Financial Services Competency Partner due to Domino's large footprint in banking, insurance, and algorithmic trading. 

    Collaborative, flexible model development and deployment for teams

    Orchestrate AWS infrastructure, data, and services for data scientists.

    Trusted by Customers Across Industries

    Learn how customers combining Enterprise MLOps with the power of AWS

    Financial Services

    Monitoring use of critical datasets and letting business users access powerful data science models for risk modeling.
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    Agriculture + Biotech

    Accelerating genetic simulations and collaborating on models for optimizing crop yields.
    Learn more
    Moody's Analytics
    Financial Services

    Moving models into production 6x faster while improving competitiveness and customer value.
    Learn more
    Financial Services

    Find, reproduce, reuse work to maximize productivity and compound knowledge.
    Learn more

    Applying neuroscience to machine learning for anomaly detection.
    Learn more
    Global Pharmaceutical Company
    Life Sciences

    Testing tens of thousands of hypotheses to accelerate the fight against cancer and streamline FDA processes.
    Learn more

    eBook | Balancing AI Innovation and Governance in Financial Services

    Model faster and reduce risk on a unified analytics and data science platform - across hybrid- and multi-cloud

    Domino AWS FinServe

    Solution Brief | Domino on AWS

    How Domino and AWS accelerate research for world-class data science teams

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