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    Accelerate AI impact

    Domino Spring 23 natively integrates open-source AI tools Ray 2.0, MLFlow and Feast to harness the power of generative AI. Scalable APIs make it easy to deploy complex models into the business with low latency.


    Domino Nexus

    Domino Nexus is generally available in Spring 23.  Nexus is a single pane of glass that lets you run data science and machine learning workloads across any compute cluster — in any cloud, region, or on-premises. It unifies data science silos across the enterprise, so you have one place to build, deploy, and monitor models.

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    Domino Cloud

    Spring 23 includes the launch of Domino Cloud, a fully-managed SaaS version of the Domino MLOps platform, which accelerates AI time-to-value by providing scalable resources and a secure, governed enterprise-grade platform. Customers can save costs by paying only for the compute used while still accessing GPUs and distributed compute frameworks. Domino Cloud eliminates the need for data science teams to worry about deploying, upgrading or managing infrastructure, allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities.

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    Domino Code Assist

    Domino Code Assist (DCA) is a revolutionary product that lets anyone generate Python and R code for everyday data science and analytics tasks by making simple selections in a GUI.  It plays a critical role for any organization looking to upskill analysts and SMEs to increase overall data science capacity.  DCA shortens the learning curve for novice coders and facilitates coaching from more experienced data scientists. Experts also benefit from the time savings of not having to write redundant code for common tasks.

    DCA ships with Spring 23.  It can be added to environments running Domino 4.x and later.


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    Domino 5 Blog Series

    Dive deeper into the powerful innovations and unique benefits of Enterprise MLOps

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    See why over 20% of the Fortune 100 trust the Domino Enterprise MLOps platform for their mission-critical data science work.