Cloud Data Science

The Easiest Way to Move Data Science Work to the Cloud

Domino serves as the front end to the cloud, automating elastic compute designed for data science workloads, while letting IT monitor and control resource usage.

Data science platform in the cloud

Domino Environments

Scale Up Your Hardware with One Click

A data science workbench on machines of your choosing.
Modern data science techniques depend on powerful CPUs and GPUs. The demand is lumpy, leading to idle resources and wasted costs. Domino lets data scientists spin up large or specialized hardware with one click, pre-configured with the tools they already use (e.g., R, Python, Jupyter). Domino automatically spins resources down when they're no longer in use, preventing runaway costs.

Scale horizontally with elastic compute

Scale Horizontally with Elastic Compute

Unlock innovation by experimenting 10x faster.
Pick your class of hardware and run as many experiments as you'd like in parallel. Domino automatically spins machines up and down to meet your demand. Your results are all tracked and persisted so you can see which ideas performed the best.

Scale Deployment

Deploy to Production at Scale

Domino provides a scalable model deployment platform, backed by Kubernetes. Get impact from your new models faster by deploying with one click. Domino handles horizontal scalability, high-availability, security, and everything else you shouldn't need to worry about.

Control center

Resource Management & Cost Control

Domino automatically spins down machines when analyses finish, so you avoid runaway costs when users forget to stop them. Configure limits on different types of hardware, to avoid rogue users running up excessive costs. View utilization at a point in time or historically by user and project and track compute costs across different projects and users for internal bill-back.

Learn More About Cloud Data Science

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