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    Domino for Data Scientists

    Become a Data Science Superhero


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    Reduction in end-to-end
    model lifecycle time



    Hours saved per model on retraining and rebuilding



    Hours saved for each new
    data science environment



    Annual hours saved due
    to productivity gains

    As a data scientist, it is frustrating to lack the infrastructure and tools you need, spend lots of time on tedious DevOps tasks, and search for work you know others have already done. You need freedom and flexibility to work with peers, do your best work, and become a data superhero in your organization.


    Why Domino?

    Domino gives you the flexibility and freedom to support what you do best – explore, experiment, and solve complex business problems – and abstract away the technical hurdles that slow you down.

    With self-serve access to preferred tools and compute, automatic reproducibility, and repeatable workflows to manage, develop, deploy, and monitor models at scale, Domino will make you more productive and amplify the impact of your work.

    Freedom to Use
    the Latest Tools

    Test new ideas quickly using any tool, package, or language in an integrated environment that eliminates distractions

    Access to Scalable Infrastructure

    Get one-click access to GPUs and distributed compute frameworks for deep learning jobs and other complex projects

    Confidence in Deployed Models

    Automatically monitor models in production for data drift and quality, then easily retrain and rebuild models as needed

    Maximum Productivity

    Find past work, reproduce results, and collaborate with peers to push past blockers and unlock breakthroughs

    Domino gives us the openness and flexibility we need to seamlessly experiment and collaborate rapidly, using our choice of scalable compute and infrastructure.

    Luca Foschini, Ph.D.
    Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist

    Case Study

    Empowering individuals to participate in better health outcomes

    Evidation processes millions of daily data points from consumer wearables to create production-grade models in as little as eight weeks.

    Read their Story

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