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    Domino for Financial Services

    Model faster, innovate, reduce risk, manage compliance

    Boost model velocity, ease risk and compliance

    Data science drives competitive advantage and profitability, but it has to exist within the complex financial regulatory frameworks.  You have to scale data science and reduce the time to market, while also knowing what your models are doing at all times.  Only then can you safely depend on them and mitigate risks. 

    Domino’s Enterprise MLOps platform helps quants, analysts and data scientists at the world’s largest financial services institutions:

    • Personalize customer interactions and offers to build better relationships and drive profitability.
    • Identify, test, and manage risk across the entire portfolio, including use cases such as credit risk, capital planning, anti-money laundering, and regulatory compliance.
    • Detect identity and payments fraud in real-time.
    • Analyze macroeconomic trends.
    • Quickly detect trade signals.
    Jacob Grotta

    “We’ve been able to standardize the data, the know-how, and the ways of collaborating amongst ourselves and with our customers so that they can see the work we’re doing, as we do it. Domino accelerates our speed to delivery, providing a much faster and better return on our modeling investment.”

    Jason Grotta
    Managing Director of Risk and Finance Analytics

    See why leading ratings agencies and banks run on Domino