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    Turbocharge Hyper-Personalization and Omnichannel Experiences

    Personalize customer interactions and offers

    Customers expect a personalized experience across all channels - digital and human.  The key to getting it right is data science.  In order to optimize the experience at every moment, you have to deploy models at scale and continually monitor their performance.  Only then can you maximize the impact on the bottom line. 

    Domino’s Enterprise MLOps platform makes it easy for the world’s largest insurers to personalize customer interactions and offers to build better relationships and drive profitability through:

    • Personalized products
    • Enhanced customer experience
    • Product innovation and ideation
    • Cross-channel sales and marketing efforts
    • Chatbots to handle intake processes or common questions

    Why Domino for hyper-personalization and omnichannel experiences

    The Domino Enterprise MLOps platform streamlines the building, deploying, and monitoring of high-impact models at scale across every aspect of the business.

    Case Study

    Creating empathy with millions of customers around the world

    Streamlined workflows that cut model development times from days to hours and improved collaboration among its data scientists help this Fortune 500 financial services leader enhance call center training to improve customer communications.

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    Case study
    Giving homeowners answers about insurance coverage in seconds

    Topdanmark, a large European insurance company, is infusing data science across its operations to provide consumers with a better, faster insurance experience.

    The company's model-driven workflows, built and deployed on the Domino Enterprise MLOps platform, have automated 65 percent of cases for approving new coverage and processing claims. Customers can now learn whether they have coverage in one to two seconds versus four days.

    Case study
    Revolutionizing the pet medical insurance industry by processing claims in seconds

    Trupanion is revolutionizing the pet medical health insurance industry, automating more than 75,000 claims with only a few expert data scientists, revolutionizing the customer experience along the way.

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