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    The Domino Data Lab, Inc. (“Domino”) trademarks – including the registered “Domino” word mark (“Domino Word Mark”) and  domino-color  logo (“Domino Logo) – are among the company’s most valuable assets. Proper use of the trademarks protects their value and the Domino brand. The following guidelines for the proper use of Domino’s trademarks should be followed by any Domino business partners, resellers, developers, customers, end users, advertising agencies, consultants, and other third parties. Any use of or reference to the trademarks that is inconsistent with these guidelines, or other unauthorized use of or reference to the trademarks or marks that are confusingly similar to the trademarks, is prohibited and may violate Domino’s trademark rights.

    Any questions with respect to these guidelines should be referred to the company at:

    I. Fair Use of the Domino Trademarks


    You may make fair use of the Domino Word Mark to make true factual statements about Domino products or services bearing the mark, or to truthfully communicate that your product is compatible with, was designed for use with, was designed using, or offers connection to Domino products or services. Assertions of compatibility, design, etc., must, of course, be accurate. You must never use the Domino Logo or stylizations of the Domino Word Mark unless you have explicit written permission from Domino to do so. To the extent you reference the Domino Word Mark, it always should be shown as Domino®. Regardless of form, you must never in any way state or imply that Domino produces, endorses, or supports your company, products, or services unless you have explicit written permission from Domino to do so. Permissible fair uses of the Domino Word Mark include accurate statements such as:

    • The Domino® platform is used for collaboration
    • is compatible with Domino® software
    • is designed for Domino® software
    • connects to the Domino® platform

    When making fair use of the Domino Word Mark, you must acknowledge that Domino owns the trademark. The following language, appearing near or on the same page as the fair use statement, is appropriate: “Domino® is a registered trademark of Domino Data Lab, Inc.”


    1. You must NEVER combine or use the Domino Word Mark with your company’s product or service name or any other term unless you have explicit written permission to do so. Use of the Domino Word Mark in that way would NOT be a fair use.

      Acceptable: [your product/service name] is compatible with the Domino® platform
      Prohibited: [your product/service name] Domino®; DominoPlus®

    2. NEVER use the Domino Logo unless you have explicit written permission from Domino to do so. You must NEVER incorporate the Domino Word Mark into your company’s logos or designs.

    3. Do not use the Domino Word Mark as your domain name or as part of your domain name.

    4. Do not use the Domino Word Mark as a meta tag for your web pages.

    5. Do not use the Domino Word Mark in a manner that would disparage Domino, its subsidiaries, its products, or services (e.g., untruthful advertising, false/misleading promotional materials, etc.).

    6. Do not use the Domino Word Mark more prominently than your company, product or service name.

    II. Proper use of the DOMINO Trademark, generally

    1. Make prominent use of the Domino trademarks as a non-generic adjective followed by the generic name/noun. A trademark is NOT a noun. This applies when the trademark first appears in text/sentence, AND as often as possible.

      Correct: The Domino® platform helps…
      Incorrect: Domino® helps …

    2. Do not use the Domino® trademark in the plural or possessive form.: An exception to this can be when “Domino” is used to refer to the company name.

      Correct: The unique capability of the Domino® platform …
      Incorrect: Domino®’s unique properties…
      Use Domino®’s for…

      Exception (referring to Domino as the company name):

      Example: Domino’s platform allows for …

    3. Do not use the Domino® trademark as a verb. Trademarks are adjectives and should never be used as verbs.

      Correct: Use the Domino® platform to…
      Incorrect: Domino® your product…

    4. Do not use forms of the Domino® trademark that vary from the word mark Domino®. Even a seemingly innocuous deviation from the Word Mark may create a new and different trademark. Do not shorten, abbreviate or create acronyms out of the Domino® trademark.

    5. Use proper notice of trademark. Identify the Domino® trademark appropriately as registered (using the circled-R symbol – ®). Similarly, you may identify the Domino Logo as registered with the ® symbol after obtaining explicit permission to do so.