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More Data Science, Less DevOps

More data science, less DevOps

Get self-serve access to infrastructure that frees you from the need to wait for IT to set up your workspaces.

Easily track and organize your work

Easily track and organize your work

All of the artifacts and results from your work are archived and available with lineage so you can always reproduce past work and show progress over time. This enables you to build with your team a common understanding of what has been done before.

1 click to publish

1 click to publish

Building models is tough enough—deploying them shouldn’t be. Have a bigger impact by deploying models as an App to give business users access to interactive dashboards. Or package your work as a model to be served as a real-time API.

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“[Domino] has opened up for us a new frontier in rapid iteration ... which allows us to get business value faster.”

- Michael Johnson, Chief Data Scientist at Lockheed Martin

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