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    Domino Is Hiring

    By Thomas Robinson, VP of Strategic Partnerships & Initiatives, Domino on April 16, 2020 in Company Updates

    The world is going through a challenging time. We all have friends and family who have been affected directly by the COVID-19 disease or indirectly by the dramatic change in the economy.

    Fortunately, despite the economic troubles, Domino is in a position to continue our growth; we’re hiring across all teams and all offices. If you’re interested in working at Domino, visit our careers page to apply for a role.

    While hiring and onboarding continues, we’ve made changes to our processes to reflect our new working reality.

    Remote First Interview Process

    Even before lockdown came into practice across the US, we proactively moved our interview process to 100% remote. Domino now conducts all our interviews over Zoom. Given that this is a major change to how people normally interview, we introduced interview guides which help candidates know who they’re meeting when, how to connect to their Zoom interviews, and gives them a chat box to connect directly with our recruiting team in real time.

    Interview guide for a candidate with all the information they need for their remote interview process

    New Hire Domino Academy

    For new hires, Domino provides a 1 week “Domino Academy” before new hires are turned over to their teams to start their role-specific onboarding. During this week we not only do the standard account setup and benefits enrollment, but we also do training sessions on our company strategy and culture, how to use our product, what our market positioning is, and how we prioritize and execute on product and engineering work. Led by our People Team and taught by our executives and experienced employees, we spend time with new employees upfront to ensure they have all the context to hit the ground running.

    Now that we’re 100% remote, we’ve moved Domino Academy to Zoom. All our new hires get their welcome kit with swag and laptop via FedEx in advance of their start date. New hires join their new hire cohort every other Monday to begin their onboarding and training.

    Kayla, our recent BDR hire, celebrating her new hire kit

    Community Coming Together

    Our community has rallied in our newfound interaction style. Our community team has been hard at work to keep our employees connected during these remote times and in turn our employees have started their own remote-friendly activities and meetups. Whether it be virtual workout sessions, Bingo night, or our moms & pops support group, the team has found new ways to keep our community thriving.

    The Domino community getting a virtual workout in together

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