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    Moving Academic Researchers into a Corporate Data Science World

    June 7, 2016   1 min read

    This webinar was recorded on May 25, 2016

    There are big cultural differences between data science practices in academic and corporate settings. For academics transitioning to corporate data science, and for corporate data scientists hiring people out of academia, understanding these differences is the first step in a successful transition.

    In this webinar, Dr. John Joo explains why data science is different, and what people need to be thinking about as they move from the university lab to a data driven business.



    About the Speaker

    John Joo, Data Science Evangelist, is responsible for the company's thought leadership programs and to socialize best practices with Domino's customers, to help them improve their data science programs. John's deep technical knowledge and his thorough understanding of the requirements and opportunities of the industry are a perfect fit for Domino's vibrant executive team.

    Prior to joining Domino, John spent three years of his career as the Program Director and Director of Product at Insight Data Science, where he developed and led sessions of the data science program and was also responsible for growing the Insight Data Science community. John has a PhD in Applied Physics from Harvard University.

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