Domino Data Science Platform

Workbench accelerates collaborative research and development.

Domino automates DevOps for data science, so you can spend more time doing research and test more ideas faster. Automatic tracking of work enables reproducibility, reusability, and collaboration.

Use your favorite tools and infrastructure in Domino.
Track experiments, reproduce and compare results in Domino.
Find, discuss, and re-use data science work in Domino.

Deploy and monitor models.

Deploy your work on our Kubernetes compute grid to deliver business impact faster with model-backed products and applications.

Deploy models from Domino.
Monitor data and performance drift of models in Domino.
Publish interactive apps from Domino.
Schedule jobs in Domino.

Manage your data science team.

Domino is the only data science platform that gives you visibility into your compute utilization, projects, and data science products, to help you manage your team as it grows.

Monitor and control compute spend in Domino.
Monitor data science projects in Domino.
Monitor and manage deployed models in Domino.

Open infrastructure gives you options.

Use your preferred languages, tools, services, and infrastructure inside Domino. Runs in cloud, on-prem, and hybrid environments.

Infrastructure Overview

And much more...

Make your business model-driven.

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