What is Domino
  • Move compute tasks off desktops onto powerful, centralized hardware — in the cloud or on premise
  • Access GPU hardware for deep learning
  • Track and run multiple experiments in parallel to speed up projects.
  • Domino runs your code in Docker containers you can configure to create shared, reusable, revisioned Compute Environments
Compute tiers
  • Spin up interactive workspaces with one click — using the tools you already know and love, e.g., Jupyter, RStudio, Zeppelin.
  • Run and track batch experiments in any language you want, even commercial languages like SAS or Matlab if you have licenses.
  • Run multiple experiments in parallel, then track, filter, and compare them.
  • Ships with Domino Analytics Distribution (includes database drivers, Anaconda Python, popular deep learning packages, visualization packages, etc.) Or customize your own environment.
  • Find, share, and reproduce past results.
  • Discuss work with collaborators and stakeholders in one place.
  • Search and discover past work before starting new projects
  • Control access with granular permissions and LDAP integration
Research Hub & Reproducibility Engine

doneRollback to old versions of models

doneSplit traffic across versions to do
A/B testing

doneManage security for consuming and modifying deployed models

Deploy Models
Share Reports and Dashboards

Share Reports and Dashboards

Expose results to stakeholders when BI tools don’t cut it

  • Publish visualizations using open source data science tools, including knitr, htmlwidgets, plotly, D3, etc.
  • Publish interactive dashboards and web apps using Shiny and other tools
  • Schedule recurring tasks to update reports — serve results through the web or send to stakeholders via email
  • Control access to dashboards and reports behind a central security layer

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Domino Data Science Platform

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