Domino Products Overview

Domino is the Open Platform for Your Data Science Work

Domino is the enterprise data science management platform - where data science work gets done across Data Scientists, IT, and Technical Leaders. Data Science is hard, given constantly changing technologies, burdensome infrastructure requirements across IT, and governance needs for knowing where your data and models are. Domino is built to manage the end-to-end data science lifecycle at the world’s most complex enterprises.

Data Science Lifecycle

Domino Addresses the Enterprise Requirements of Data Scientists, Data Science Leaders, and IT

Data Science For Data Scientists

For Data Scientists

  • Access self-serve infrastructure and tools to accelerate R&D and deployment.
  • Track and organize work to increase productivity and reuse.
Data Science For Data Science Leaders

For Data Science Leaders

  • Find, reproduce and reuse past work to reduce reinventing the wheel and increase shared context.
  • Manage teams with standard ways of working and visibility into in-flight projects.
Data Science For IT Leaders

For IT Leaders

  • Deploy secure, managed compute resources, tools, data sources, and clusters.
  • Control access, audit usage, monitor and attribute compute spend.

Two Products for End-to-End Enterprise Data Science

Domino Data Science Platform

Domino Data Science Platform

Domino Data Science Platform centralizes data science work and infrastructure across the enterprise to give Data Scientists the power and flexibility to experiment, collaborate, and deploy data science models faster and more efficiently.

Domino Model Monitor

Domino Model Monitor

Domino Model Monitor creates a “single pane of glass” to monitor the performance of all deployed models across your entire organization, and provide alerts about potential problems before they cause serious business impact.

Four Core Components at the Heart of the World’s Only Data Science System-of-Record

Both products are united by a powerful set of core components that allow organizations to unleash the power of data science to address the world’s most important challenges.

Component diagram Enterprise Infrastructure Foundation Enable self-service DevOps while maintaining enterprise security and control Model Ops Deploy and manage models to drive business impact Workbench Accelerate collaborative research and development Knowledge Center Manage research projects and enforce governance best practices

Domino Supports Use Cases Across Data Science and IT

Self-Service Data Science

Enable Self-Service Data Science

Unleash Data Scientist productivity and free up IT to focus on strategic problems.

Open Data Science

Leverage Open Data Science

Get the agility of open source with the safety of managed environments.

Data Science in the Cloud

Data Science in the Cloud

Front-end to the cloud, automate elastic compute while letting IT monitor and control resource usage.

Manage Model Risk

Manage Model Risk

Track and document model development and usage to innovate with lower risk.

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