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    Faster app creation

    Everyone benefits from Code Assist

    Data Scientists Spend more time on data science and less on routine coding tasks
    • Become 5x more efficient at writing code for visualizations, data import, and transformations.
    • Share and reuse code snippets to automate common tasks.
    • Increase collaboration with SMEs and analysts to accelerate model development.
    Analysts and SMEs Access the power of Python and R without the learning curve
    • Use the power of code first languages rather than being limited to using tools like Tableau, Excel, and Qlik.
    • Learn new skills to advance your career.
    • Explore and prototype work that's immediately usable by data science colleagues.
    Data Science Leaders Increase reuse, collaboration, and standardization across teams
    • The work of your entire team is unified in the Domino Platform, making it easier to manage, govern, and secure.
    • Models and analyses are created using editable code rather than proprietary tools.
    • Get increased productivity, model velocity, and business impact from cross-team collaboration and code reuse.

    Python is the new Excel and Domino Code Assist is about pushing the adoption of code-first data science in a way that has not been conceived of before."

    Sean Otto, PhD., Director of Analytics, AES Corporation

    Domino Code Assist Features

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    Import Data

    With a few clicks, data scientists and analysts can easily import data from databases or files, such as Snowflake, BigQuery, S3, Redshift, SQL, and CSV.

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    Transform Data

    With a few clicks perform common transformations such as filter, group, drop columns, and aggregate data. Chaining multiple transformations allows you to rapidly create features to use in projects.  Easily modify transformations by editing the generated code.

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    Visualize Data

    Code Assist streamlines the visualization process using Plotly. With a few clicks, you can create a wide variety of common plots including line charts,  histograms, and scatter plots.  Easily customize the plot while using Code Assistant or by modifying the generated code

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    Create Dashboard Apps

    Once a compelling visualization is created, with just a few clicks you can configure an interactive Python dashboard to share results with non-technical users.

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    Deploy Apps

    With a single click, Code Assist lets you deploy Python dashboard apps directly from Jupyter notebook for use as a stand-alone webpage or embedded in another application.

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    Share Reusable Code

    Easily create Snippets of code that can be centrally stored and easily reused.  Additionally, since code generated by Code Assist is always generic Python or R code it's portable with no additional work which makes it easy to put into production or download and run off-platform

    Learn More

    Interested in Code Assist? Work with it hands-on in a workshop or talk to an expert to get your questions answered.