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    Domino for Life Sciences

    Streamline R&D with a single analytics and AI/ML platform

    The Power of One Platform

    Domino is a modern, cloud-native platform that combines highly-scalable R&D tools/infrastructure with unique collaboration and governance capabilities.  Finally, the same platform can serve the pre-clinical, clinical, and commercial aspects of your business.

    Take advantage of the latest data science and statistical techniques on the only platform that can unite your processes for research, regulated development, manufacturing, and commercialization.

    Some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies use Domino to:

    • Efficiently build pipelines.

    • Rapidly conduct analyses for regulatory submissions and publications.  

    • Ensure control and efficiency in manufacturing.

    • Deeply understand markets and customers.

    Powerful Solutions for the Entire Value Chain

    Preclinical Research

    Unlock and accelerate the discovery of life-changing medical breakthroughs with powerful infrastructure and advanced data science tools and techniques.

    Use Cases:

    • Target identification
    • Lead molecule optimization
    • Omics Research
    • Predictive modeling
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    Clinical Development

    Accelerate clinical submissions and post-hoc analyses with a modern, flexible, and extensible Statistical Computing Environment (SCE).

    Use Cases:

    • Subject identification and recruitment
    • Risk-based monitoring and site selection
    • Safety monitoring
    • Intelligent study design
    • Real World Evidence
    • Study data management, statistical analysis and reporting
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    Drive efficiency and quality assurance by incorporating predictive analytics and machine learning into every step of the manufacturing process.

    Use Cases:

    • Demand forecasting
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Particle size analysis
    • Continuous process verification
    • CMC statistics
    Marketing & Operations

    Drive a deeper understanding of markets and customers to increase patient engagement and drive more positive health outcomes.

    Use Cases:

    • Needs analysis and segmentation
    • Omnichannel campaigns
    • Next best action
    • Customer experience
    • Order management and fulfillment

    “Domino has been one of the underpinnings of being able to scale. We went from 10 to probably 150 plus projects, and you can't do that unless you have a standardized way of having all the data, models, applications in one place.”

    Najat Khan
    Chief Data Science Officer

    Customer Story

    How Janssen is Leveraging Data Science to Improve the Trajectory of Human Health

    From theory to action to impact: Janssen is improving the trajectory of human health with data science and Domino

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    Domino Cloud for Life Sciences

    With Domino Cloud for Life Sciences, you can accelerate R&D with a fully-managed and audit-ready AI and SCE platform for your GxP and non-GxP applications. Domino Cloud for Life Sciences delivers the traceability and governance required for GxP processes, and the tool, language and workflow flexibility required for exploratory and non-GxP work.

    See why leading Life Sciences organizations use Domino