By serving as a central hub for data science, Domino addresses a variety of common challenges that arise when building data science teams and integrating them into the business.

Self Serve Data Science

Enable Self-service Data Science

Unleash data scientist productivity and free up IT to focus on strategic problems.

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Open Data Science

Leverage Open Data Science

Get the agility of open source with the safety of managed environments.

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Cloud Science

Data Science in the Cloud

Front-end to the cloud, automate elastic compute while letting IT monitor and control resource usage.

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Manage Model Risk

Manage Model Risk

Track and document model development and usage to innovate with lower risk.

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No matter what industry you're in, Domino can help

pie_chartFinancial Services

Build and deploy innovative solutions to price risk, target customers, and value assets without sacrificing security, documentation and validation.

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Improve pricing, claims, reserves, and marketing models while also supporting expansion into machine vision with GPUs and IoT data insights.

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Leverage data for product analytics, customer churn prediction, and lead scoring while letting the engineering team focus on customers, not internal tooling.

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Getting Started

Domino Data Science Platform

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