A better way to do data science

Domino provides solutions tailored to remove barriers on the journey to become model-driven.

Self-service Data Science

Enable Self-service Data Science

Unleash data scientist productivity and free up IT to focus on strategic problems.

Open Data Science

Leverage Open Data Science

Get the agility of open source with the safety of managed environments.

Data Science in the Cloud

Data Science in the Cloud

Front-end to the cloud, automate elastic compute while letting IT monitor and control resource usage.

Model Risk Management

Manage Model Risk

Track and document model development and usage to innovate with lower risk.


Financial Services

Build and deploy innovative solutions to price risk, target customers, and value assets without sacrificing security, documentation and validation.


Improve pricing, claims, reserves, and marketing models while also supporting expansion into machine vision with GPUs and IoT data insights.

Internet & Technology

Leverage data for product analytics, customer churn prediction, and lead scoring while letting engineering focus on customers, not internal tooling.

Life Sciences

Achieve reproducibility and auditability of trial analyses, perform trial design and patient selection, and more.


Gain deeper insights into quality, collaborate with non-technical stakeholders, and accelerate research.

Media & Retail

Accelerate model development for recommendation systems, personalization, customer churn and lifetime value analysis, market segmentation, and more.


Perform image analysis and classification, improve patient cost models, accelerate health outcomes analysis, meet 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, and more.

Oil & Gas

Create models for driving image and sensor analysis, demand prediction, reservoir analysis, and more.


Improve financial and risk models, detect fraud, meet auditing requirements.

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Make your business model-driven.

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