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    Domino for Insurance

    Faster models, quicker response to risks and opportunities

    Boost model velocity, ease risk and compliance

    The insurance industry is rapidly changing.  Connected homes, cars, and a variety of other devices have created an explosion of data.  Small insurtech firms are leveraging AI/ML to exploit changing consumer preferences. As a result, insurers are faced with increasing demands for AI/ML to drive new product offerings and operational enhancements, while still adhering to regulatory requirements.

    Domino’s Enterprise MLOps platform helps data scientists, analysts and actuaries at the world’s largest insurers:

    • Increase operational efficiencies to reduce cost and improve customer experiences.
    • Develop new products to adapt to changing consumer preferences such as recommendation engines and usage-based insurance products.
    • Personalize customer interactions and offers to build better relationships and drive profitability
    • Identify, test, and manage risk across the entire portfolio including underwriting, pricing, fraud/cyber detection and prevention, collections, and regulatory compliance.

    We’ve implemented a multi-cloud strategy, along with Domino’s Enterprise MLOps platform, to increase our model velocity so we can address customer needs in a quarter of the time it used to take us.

    Antoine Ly
    Head, Data Science

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